Overwatch trailer pits Tracer vs Widowmaker in a rooftop race to save a robot diplomat

You might've heard of Overwatch by now; it's Warcraft and StarCraft developer Blizzard's take on the "team shooter" formula, with Pixar-like character designs and animation. That cute-n-cartoony exterior hides a darker tale however, of superhuman agents of good fighting against equally-powerful forces of evil. And sometimes those battles get pretty dark…

Overwatch won't contain story missions or a single-player campaign when it launches for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on May 24, so animated shorts like this and the one starring hyper-intelligent cyborg gorilla Winston are meant to expand on the game's lore for those who care about such things. At first I didn't think I'd mind that, but I have to admit I now feel a little disappointed - I'm loving these prologues, and want to see more of this world Blizzard has created. Oh well. Until the next episode.

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Sam Prell

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