Overwatch prologue animated short feels like Pixar's The Incredibles

Blizzard's Overwatch won't have a story campaign to play through when it launches on May 24, but it still has a wealth of lore and characters to dive into. A new animated short for the team-based FPS has arrived, and it gives us a better look at the life of Overwatch's hyper-intelligent cyborg gorilla, Winston.

I have to say that I'm reminded of Pixar's The Incredibles here, and not just because of the buttery smooth and expressive animation; the plot treads familiar water as well. Here we have an organization of superhumans (or at least augmented humans) that's been outlawed, and a former member of said organization developing a bit of a belly after resting on his laurels for so long. Our hero still wants to do right though, and every time he hears of criminal activity, his first instinct is to suit up. Yup, that sounds like Mr. Incredible to me.

Now, obviously there are still plenty of differences between Blizzard's world and Pixar's - like one of the characters being, as noted, a hyper-intelligent cyborg gorilla. And with more animated shorts on the way, I look forward to seeing just how different they'll be.

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Sam Prell

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