Overwatch 2 Support Tier List and who to play to rank up fast

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This Overwatch 2 Support hero tier list will help you pick a healer. It's a much underappreciated skill that's crucial to a good team. Tanks or DPS might look like the stars, but without literal support they burn out fast. We've got an Overwatch 2 DPS tier list and Overwatch 2 tank tier list if you want to check out those, but here we're all about helping people out.

Many of the characters here use some of the best abilities in Overwatch 2 that can win fights if used correctly. If you can make the most of Support hero utility in Bronze to Diamond, you’ll carry your games. Which means mastering things like Lucio’s Speed Boost, Baptiste’s Immortality Field, Kiriko’s Protection Suzu, Ana’s Biotic Grenade or  Zenyatta’s Discord Orb. Support hero Ultimates easily rank amongst the most powerful as well. If you can become adept at making the right decisions at the right time, you’ll climb fast in Overwatch 2 Competitive mode.

Basically, play a Support if you want to be the key factor in whether you win or lose. If you want to know which are the best ones to play as, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent a lot of time playing and researching to come up with the heroes we think are the best in the position currently. If you are feeling a little unsure about who to play, here are our suggestions. 

Overwatch 2 Support Heroes ranked

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As ever, with any tier list, these are merely suggestions. None of these Supports are awful, and especially if you have more proficiency with a hero deemed weaker, it’s often a better call to play that one than one that’s currently powerful but you don’t know how to use. We’d not suggest dumping Mercy if you have hundreds of hours on her just to play Lucio because he’s strong right now.

That said, if you’re a little lost on who to play, we’ve got suggestions for you. As with most roles, high mobility is an invaluable asset right now. Kiriko and Lucio are thriving, especially when paired with other powerful characters like D.Va, Winston, Genji, Sombra, and more. If you want to know how we would rank every hero, you can read our Overwatch 2 character tier list.

That said, some Support utility is just too powerful to pass up. Ana, Baptiste, and Zenyatta remain great picks right now due to the sheer power of their key abilities - they just need to be given protection to succeed. Here’s our current ranking of every Support hero in the game:

  • Exceptional: Kiriko, Lucio
  • Great: Ana, Baptiste, Zanyatta
  • Good: Brigitte, Moira
  • Decent: Mercy
  • Weak: None


Overwatch 2 support hero Kiriko

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Kiriko has joined Overwatch 2 as arguably the strongest Support in the game. The hero offers a lot of potential to output great healing, save teammates with her Protection Suzu, and kill enemies with her lethal Kunais. Add on top of that, her teleport ability means she can turn up anywhere on the battlefield at any time.

That ability to teleport on a relatively short cooldown makes her a solid pairing with other great flanking heroes that are currently very strong like Genji, Sombra, and Tracer. She can support a flanking DPS in their pursuit to get kills before returning to the rest of her team in the blink of an eye if they’re getting overwhelmed. In short, she’s very powerful right now, and when paired with the right heroes, she’s certainly one of the strongest Overwatch 2 characters in the game, period. 


Overwatch 2 support hero Lucio

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Lucio has a lot going for him currently and he’s an exceptional choice in most team compositions. Right now, high-mobility heroes are doing very well, and few can claim to be as mobile as Lucio. He also allows that mobility to rub off on his teammates, making them passively more valuable to the battlefield. Add an excellent Ultimate and area of effect healing on top of all that and Lucio is in a great place.

Pushing him even further, he can sustain himself with his healing, and if you become a master of the wall ride, he is one of the hardest heroes to kill in the game. Lucio feels like he has it all going for him right now. 


Overwatch 2 support hero Ana

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Ana is one of the best healers in the game currently. She can heal from a distance, making her valuable in Dive compositions, which are very powerful right now, and she pairs excellently with other strong heroes like Winston, Genji, D.Va, Sojourn, and Sombra. She also has her Biotic Grenade, which remains very powerful with its anti-healing status effect that can tear apart Tanks. Our Overwatch 2 Tank tier list should be able to help you find a Tank that can survive well against Ana.

Ana’s only real weakness is that with so much diving and mobility on the battlefield at the moment, she’s susceptible to being picked on by the enemy team. Besides hitting her Sleep Dart, which can be tough, she doesn’t have anything to get out of trouble. However, if the team looks after her a little bit, and helps protect her, she can output enormous value and combo her Nano Boost with a ton of very powerful Ultimates.


Overwatch 2 support hero Baptiste

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Hero changes and reworks

Overwatch 2

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Baptiste got some nice changes for Overwatch 2, giving him a nice overall buff, but not every Hero was treated the same. Read about all the Overwatch 2 Hero changes here.

Baptiste has found himself high amongst the Support heroes, somewhat surprisingly as well. He was lackluster in the previous Betas but has seen a multitude of buffs that have pushed him into a great spot. He can output a lot of healing and damage in equal measure, and with kills meaning more in a 5v5 format, that’s valuable. His Immortality Field remains a strong ability also.

Baptiste also has much more survivability compared to other strong choices like Ana and Zenyatta right now. He can jump away, his burst healing is great, and if all else fails, he can use the Immortality Field to save himself. This makes him less susceptible to strong Dive heroes like Genji, Sombra, and Tracer. 


Overwatch 2 support hero Zenyatta

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Zenyatta is powerful right now. His healing is decent and you can set and forget a Healing Orb on a flanking hero as they go away and get kills. However, Zenyatta’s true power is in his Discord Orb. Especially on Tanks, it is an excellent way to shot-call for your team on who they should focus on next. His Ultimate remains one of the strongest in the game too, able to nullify many other abilities.

However, as with Ana, Zenyatta’s biggest issue is that he’s going to need help. While his kick can push enemies away, there’s little he can do on his own if he gets dived by several enemy heroes. He’ll need his team to look after and support him when Winston, Genji, and Sombra all try to kill him. However, if he can get that support, he can do a ton of work, and potentially win games. 


Overwatch 2 support hero Baptiste

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Without her stun, Brigitte has lost some utility in the transfer to Overwatch 2. While she would love to have it to take on powerful heroes like Genji right now, her kit remains good. What she has lost in utility, she’s gained in damage. Brigitte is an excellent partner for vulnerable heroes like Ana and Zenyatta.

She’s a deterrent to heroes trying to get into the backline, and that’s before you get to her healing, which is generally very good. Especially in brawling comps, she can do a lot of passive healing for her team. She’s fairly weak against ranged heroes, of which there are several powerful ones currently, so you do have to be careful and manage your shield somewhat, but Brigitte can be an excellent choice in the right situations.


Overwatch 2 support hero Moira

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 Moira is in an interesting spot in Overwatch 2. If your team is playing a brawl-y composition, she’s possibly one of the best supports in terms of pure healing. She also gets a lot more value in 5v5 by going after other heroes, as she’s one of the best one-on-one duelists in the game. There’s actual value in going ‘DPS Moira’ in Overwatch 2.

The issue with Moira right now is it can be hard for her to commit to Dives or truly go on the offensive. Once she no longer has her Fade ability, she becomes very vulnerable. She also struggles to heal from range, at least without using her Fade to get in, meaning that a ton of other healers just pair better with strong heroes like Winston and Genji currently. That said, she still outputs enormous amounts of healing, and if you can find the right times to go on the attack, securing a kill can be very valuable to a team. Make sure you do it when you can get away with it though, rather than abandoning your Tank to die while you chase eliminations. 


Overwatch 2 support hero Mercy

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Right now, Mercy is probably the weakest overall Support in Overwatch 2. That’s not to say she’s bad though, as she can still be a good pick on the battlefield. Resurrect is more powerful in a 5v5 format where kills mean more. She’s also, as ever, an amazing partner with Pharah and Ashe. If you’re a great Mercy player, you’ll still do good work out there.

That said, with the loss of a Tank, sightlines are more open, and Mercy can be caught out fairly easily to ranged damage with less protection. You’ll have to utilize cover well to stay alive and stay frosty if you’re getting targeted by flanking heroes. She also can’t output much damage, which has a lot of value in 5v5, whereas other supports can. She can work, but she currently has some drawbacks and you’ll have to work to get maximum value out of her.

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