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Outriders armour has been bugging out, but there’s a simple fix

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Outriders players have been having issues with their armour since the latest update, but it turns out there’s a simple fix - just take it off and then put it on again.

As you can see from the mammoth Outriders patch notes, update 1.07 brought a lot of fixes with it, but it also created an extra bug for players to contend with, by making player’s armour a bit useless. Outrider’s developers People Can Fly acknowledged the bug on Twitter and said that it’s looking into a fix, but one player  has come up with a temporary solution in the meantime: Just take your armour off and then put it back on to get it working again.

The exact problem with Outriders player’s armour isn’t clear, but many people have taken to Reddit to complain about how squishy and vulnerable their characters seem since the latest update. Thorkle13, the user who discovered the fix, did some testing and determined that their armour was only blocking about 10% of incoming damage before using the trick, and 30-40% of damage afterwards. This is a marked improvement, though not necessarily a complete fix of the issue.

Other players have joined the investigations in response to that thread, and there are several theories going around as to what’s happening and what triggers the bug. Some players think that it’s caused by cutscenes, while another have pointed out that all their armour is flagged as new at the end of every expedition.

Outriders has had more than its share of issues since launch. Many players haven't been able to play in weeks since an earlier Outriders patch which wiped some player’s inventories. The game has also suffered from numerous server issues and outages, and many of the community still find the multiplayer modes unplayable due to poor connections thanks to the game's peer-to-peer networking solution.

If you’re getting battered up and down Enoch and need some help, then our Outriders tips page has you covered. 

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