Outlast studio teases new game, most likely within the Outlast universe

(Image credit: Red Barrels)

It was a bountiful Halloween for horror fans, as the studio behind two of this generation's scariest games just teased something new. Outlast developer Red Barrels, known on twitter this season as 'Red BOO-rrels,' posted a cryptic teaser for their next project with the caption, "Announcement coming soon."

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In December of 2017, Red Barrels posted to Facebook a vague promise of a new game. Though it's been some time, the studio made clear that while a sequel to Outlast 2 wasn't in development at the time, they were working on something set within the Outlast universe. The studio gave precious few details in the 2017 post, but said that the project was something "a lot of you have been asking for." The post also confirmed that Outlast would not be getting DLC and that Outlast 3 would be coming at some point, but that their current project was something else Outlast-related.

The only other hint the post gives about what could be in the works at Red Barrels is the term "distinct experience," which I shudder to think could suggest a VR experience - could you imagine being so fully immersed in the nightmare of Outlast's asylum?

Anyway, back to the present. The image of two bloodied hands linked together vertically does little to suggest what's in the works, but the lower hand's wristband tag seemingly referring to Project MKUltra all but confirms a new Outlast game. Whatever it is, I'm eagerly looking forward to Red Barrels messing me up another time.

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