One of the most annoying bugs in Destiny 2 has finally been fixed

The mission to unlock the Whisper of the Worm Exotic sniper rifle, arguably the strongest weapon in Destiny 2, is one of the best missions in the game. It's a flavorful, challenging, all-around stellar experience - save for one small bug. 

For the past few months, the heavy ammo drops in the Whisper mission haven't been working properly. No matter how many enemies you killed or how many heavy ammo finder mods you equipped, it was impossible to get heavy ammo to drop during the mission. This killed the pacing of the fight and made obtaining Whisper of the Worm incredibly tedious, especially given how you have to clear the mission multiple times to upgrade its Exotic catalyst. That's the worst part: with no heavy ammo, you couldn't even use Whisper of the Worm while replaying the mission to upgrade its own catalyst. You know you've got a problem when a gun whose primary selling point is infinite ammo starts running out of ammo during its own freakin' mission. 

Luckily, as Reddit user JustAnotherLamppost observed, this ammo bug has finally, finally been fixed. You can now receive heavy ammo in the Whisper mission. I must've cleared the Whisper mission 10 times in the past few months, and neither I nor my teammates saw a single heavy drop. But when I booted the mission up earlier today, I received three bricks of heavy from a single group of enemies. Reader, I could cry. 

The reason this bug was such a problem is that the Whisper mission is not only on a 20-minute timer, it's also absolutely overflowing with enemies with such high health that you need to use a heavy weapon to clear them out. I mean, the final fight alone consists of three yellow-bar Taken bosses, each with their own posse of shielded baddies. As you can imagine, chewing through them with primary and special weapons in the total absence of heavy ammo drops was teeth-grindingly frustrating. 

The strange thing is that this fix wasn't included in the patch notes for update 2.0.4, which landed on Tuesday and kicked off the Festival of the Lost Halloween event as well as the second Iron Banner of the season. The update also brought a medley of weapon nerfs and buffs, and made some welcome changes to how powerful gear drops are balanced. Bungie really should be more upfront about these kinds of bugs, but quite frankly I'm too relieved to complain. I might even run the Whisper mission a few times to make up for lost ammo. 

There's never been a better time to get Whisper's Exotic catalyst. Here are all the hidden chest locations to help you power it up. 

Austin Wood

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