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Gary Oldman talks The Dark Knight Rises

As shooting for The Dark Knight Rises looms on the horizon, Gary Oldman has dropped a few more tantalising morsels of information.

Speaking to Absolute Radio, Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon in the franchise, enthused that Nolan had definitely "outdone himself" this time round, and made no bones about how impressed he was with the script.

He also went on to state that the film will bring the story "back around" to Batman Begins .

However, the most interesting nugget of info came when asked about Tom Hardy's villan, Bane, who Oldman alluded to sharing quite a close relationship with: "I have quite a bit to do with Tom in this one....He's going to be fantastic".

Sounds like Bane will definitely be keeping Gotham's police department occupied.

Although when pressed on what the ending might hold, Oldman confessed that Nolan refused to put that part into print:

"The script, you read in the production office, and there's no ending either because he tells you the ending so it doesn't's very tight security."

Not surprising, given the auteur's tendancy for keeping things close to the chest.

We imagine any ending spoilers are resting several levels down in Nolan's dreams for the time being.