Oblivion rides on a White Stallion

Tuesday 12 September 2006
The existence of a new expansion pack for huge, free-roaming role-player The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was leaked earlier today, as an online retailer posted release details for the add-on.

Knights of the White Stallion will be released in the US on 21 November for $20 (about %26pound;10), according to retailer GameStop's preorder details, although the relevant page has now been removed from the site.

The Knights of the White Stallion are a chivalric order in Oblivion, based in and around the settlement of Leyawiin, and you can actually earn yourself the rank of Knight-Errant in the order by completing the quest entitled 'Knights of the White Stallion. We'd expect, then, that this expansion will see you undertaking further quests for the Knights.

GameStop withdrew the page showing Knights of the White Stallion after US website GameSpot contacted Oblivion developer Bethesda for comment on the expansion.

Bethesda refused to comment to us on the existence of the game, or if UK gamers could look forward to undertaking the new quests. We'll be keeping an eye on this one, so stay close for updates.