Nvidia RTX 4070 could launch in April, according to embargo leak

RTX 4070 Ti collection of cards from various brands
(Image credit: Nvidia)

The upcoming Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU may be launched in April if an embargoed document detailing the manufacturer's plans is to be believed. 

While no specific date has been leaked, Videocardz has revealed censored embargo documents about the latest RTX 40 series graphics card. The image of the document is mostly blurred over, but a table of information titled "embargo timeline" shows that the "product announcement" and "AIC Press and Influencer Reviews" are still embargoed for a date that is "to be determined". Meanwhile, the box in the information table that deals with the 4070's "On-shelf" date has been given the broad release window of "April". 

It is worth remembering that even if this embargo information (opens in new tab) is from Nvidia itself, these plans can easily change, and frequently do. However, it is believable that the non-Ti version of the 4070 would release sooner rather than later. The RTX 4090 launched in October 2022, immediately being praised as one of the best graphics cards ever made. The 4080 then hit the shelves a month later in November 2022.

The 4070 Ti was revealed back on January 3rd at CES 2023. It was then made available only a few days later on January 5th. The 4070 Ti has been met with the most controversy of the new-gen GPUs so far, with many hailing it as the unreleased RTX 4080 12GB model.

A graph showing the relative performance increase of the RTX 4070 Ti over the RTX 3090

(Image credit: Nvidia)

We don't have confirmed specs for the upcoming 4070, but we have heard plenty of speculation going on that it will feature the same 20TFLOPS as the last-gen RTX 3080, which would be around 50% quicker than the 20TFLOPS of the RTX 3070.

Furthermore, we've also seen it said that the 4070 will have the same number of CUDA cores as the 3070, but will be able to reach much faster clock speeds.

Keep in mind that no matter what specs the new 4070 ends up having, the features of the 40 series GPUs will most likely offer the most noticeable performance boosts when you're in game. DLSS 3.0 and Nvidia's new Ada Lovelace architecture definitely made a difference to the flagship 4090, which immediately became our top GPU pick when we reviewed it.

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