Where to buy the RTX 4070 Ti: Best retailers in the US and UK

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The Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti has been met with some mixed responses from PC gamers since its introduction to the world at CES 2023. Despite still being a powerful piece of hardware that has all the bells and whistles of the RTX 40 series, it's experienced some backlash for essentially being the "unlaunched" 12GB version of the RTX 4080. 

Regardless, it's a GPU that's in high demand, and with plenty of people still traumatized after trying to buy the 30 Series cards when they launched, we can understand why you might want to make the process of buying a GPU as easy as possible. Thankfully, the drought of GPU stock is well and truly over. As competitive as buying the 40 series GPUs might be, it shouldn't be nearly as difficult as you may remember.

Before we jinx anything though, it is worth noting that the 40 Series is being released from the high-end down. Meaning that the 4070 Ti is the lowest priced, and for some, most affordable new-gen card so far. You can take headlines about GPU sales across the board being down in 2022 all you like, but we'd expect buying to be somewhat competitive as Nvidia drip feeds its new GPUs to markets. Even with a price of $799, and somewhat mixed reviews, the RTX 4070 Ti will offer great value to PC gamers in need of an upgrade.

The 4070 Ti has 7680 CUDA Cores, and 12 GB of GDDR6X memory, which helps it to offer a quoted 12x relative performance boost over older cards like the GeForce 1080 Ti, especially with the growing number of games and apps that are adopting compatibility for DLSS 3.0. 

Besides performance boosts in games, the RTX 4000 series have so far been worthy GPU upgrades thanks to the host of other benefits they can net you. These include things like more efficient power consumption than the higher-end 30 Series cards, far superior export times for video editors, and increased performance for streamers and 3d creators. While we're currently testing them out ourselves, we can point you in the direction of our best graphics card roundup should you want to know more.

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Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti in the US


Newegg | $1,299 and up
Newegg's stock of the 4070 Ti ranges from the more wallet-friendly AX models, to the GALAX 12GB variants in black and white, to models from PNY, ASUS, and MSI. With Newegg being a trusted retailer when it comes PC and components, it has to be one of the best places to go to find stock for the 4070 Ti.


Best Buy | $839 and up
If you want to get as close to Nvidia's MSRP as possible, Best Buy currently looks like your best bet. We're seeing PNY variants priced at $839.99, as well as versions from ASUS and MSI all priced under, or just slightly over, a grand.


Nvidia | $799 and up
There's always the option to go straight to the source. Although this might get you closer to the original $799 price that Nvidia lists, it may also be the online retailer with the highest strain on stock levels, since plenty of people will be keen to get their card straight from the horse's mouth. Either way, it's worth considering.


Amazon | $799 and up
We seeing plenty of variants of the RTX 4070 Ti listed on Amazon currently, although they're a bit pricier than we'd want to buy them for. Either way, the world's largest retailer is a fairly reliable source for GPUs, so it's worth having a peruse of the wares here to see if you can find some good prices and deals.

Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti in the UK


Overclockers UK | £799 and up
Ranging between £799 and £960, we're seeing stock listed for the MSI, Gigabyte, Inno3D, ASUS, and Zotax 4070 Ti models at Overclockers UK. We're pretty confident Overclockers will have strong prices and stock levels, since it's one of the most reliable PC and component retailers this side of the pond.


eBuyer | £799 and up
Once again, we're 4070 Ti models ranging between £850 and £950. This isn't as cheap as we'd like, but stock levels are good so far at eBuyer. At time of writing, you'll be able to get 4070 Ti variants from MSI, and Zotac, and more.


Scan | £799 and up
Scan have quite a generous offering of RTX 4070 Ti variants up for grabs. Prices are ranging between £830 and £900 from the likes of MSI, Zotac, and PNY.


Nvidia | £799 and up
It's never a bad plan to go straight to the manufacturer itself, since Nvidia will most likely have cards at their own quoted price of £799. Stock shortages might be an issue here, and we can't see the specific models they'll have on offer yet. Either way, it's sure to be a solid option to buy from.

Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti: FAQs

Will there be a 4080 Ti?

The 4080 Ti is expected to be in the works from Nvidia, and will hopefully, and most probably release at some point in 2023. If the 30 series cards are anything to go by, it would make sense that a 4080 is created to ease the gap between the 4090 and 4080. However, this is unconfirmed at time of writing, and the 4070 Ti is said to be the unreleased 12GB RTX 4080.

What is DLSS 3?

DLSS 3 is the latest performance multiplier software that comes with the latest GPUs from Nvidia. It essentially boosts the FPS in your favourite games and apps through a combination of software and hardware technical wizardry. This magic includes things like AI frame generation, a work-in-progress AI Super Resolution feature, and the use of Optical Flow Accelerators. 

Does the RTX 3090 Ti exist?

The RTX 3090 and 3090 Ti do exist, but have been supplanted by the release of the RTX 4090 and 4090 Ti in late 2022. The 4090 cards have been praised for their extreme power, as well as joked about on plenty an online forum thanks to their enormous size. The 4070 Ti is said to offer faster speeds than the 3090 cards from last gen, which goes to show the work that has gone into the architecture of the RTX 4000 series.

Component upgrades only come round so often, so why not look around some more? If you'd rather spend money on some smaller upgrades, you could always look for the best CPUs for gaming, or the best RAM for gaming.

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