Nudity, kidnapping, and an emotional Stan Lee tribute – here’s what happens in the Once Upon a Deadpool post-credits scenes

A shot from Once Upon a Deadpool's post-credits scene

Once Upon a Deadpool may have gone all PG-13 and cut out (most) of the shocking content from Deadpool 2, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few surprises to be had. Case in point: the Once Upon a Deadpool post-credits scenes are completely new for the most part, and showcase the traditional Merc with a Mouth humour we all know and love, as well as ending on a poignant note after the passing of Stan Lee in November.

The first of three Once Upon a Deadpool post-credits scenes (H/T CNet) sees the two stars of the show, A Princess Bride’s Fred Savage and Deadpool’s, uhh, Deadpool, talk about how great post-credits scenes are… during a post-credit scene. Very meta. It’s very similar in tone to the original Deadpool post-credits scene pointing out that everyone should just go home once the movie is done – and neatly caps off a movie that prides itself on the wacky back-and-forth between Savage and Deadpool.

Then, the original Deadpool 2 post-credits scenes roll, minus a few of the bloodier moments (this is still PG, after all). But we’re not done yet! In a second scene, Deadpool escorts Fred Savage off of what is revealed to be a film set after being held against his will. We even get a shot of Savage’s pixelated junk. Nice.

Finally, in a heartwarming tribute, we’re given Stan Lee outtakes for his cameo in the Deadpool 2 teaser from 2017, including a hilarious line where Stan the Man mistakes Ryan Reynolds for both Ryan Gosling and the Green Lantern. It then cuts to a Stan Lee interview in which he’s asked what he wants to be remembered for after he’s gone. His answer? That “he wrote some really good stories”. Man, right in the feels.

Mission accomplished, Stan. And full credit (pun absolutely intended) to Once Upon a Deadpool’s post-credits scenes for bringing the funny, bringing the nudity, and bringing the heart. It’s just what we want from a Deadpool flick.

Has that got you in the mood to go down memory lane? Why not revisit some of the best Stan Lee cameos?

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