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No, PlayStation Germany isn't teasing a PS5 announcement today... probably

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PlayStation Germany (opens in new tab) is teasing an announcement for later today on Twitter, but it's probably not what you're hoping for. 

"You know what we're going to tell you today, don't you?", reads the translated tweet, instantly bringing to mind the idea of more PS5 (opens in new tab) news, as evidenced by the swathe of replies from PlayStation fans below. 

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PS5 specs (opens in new tab) – what's inside the next-generation PlayStation console?

However, as we're coming into the end of the month, it's far more likely that PlayStationDE is instead teasing the reveal of its next free PS Plus games (opens in new tab) for March 2019. 

Indeed, a couple of PlayStation Germany's response (opens in new tab) to PS5 questions following its tweet seem to pour cold water on any hope of further info about the next-gen console, which will likely land as a surprise within the coming weeks and months, rather than being teased by one of PlayStation's regional social media accounts.

Even so, it's a peculiar way to tease the PS Plus games reveal. Every move PlayStation makes is now going to perceived in the context of next-gen, especially as Microsoft has just about revealed everything we could want to know about the Xbox Series X (opens in new tab). We'll keep our eyes trained on the PlayStation TikTok (opens in new tab) account to see if they'll spill any other beans. 

Meanwhile, there's only two days left this month, leaving the likelihood of a PS5 February reveal event (opens in new tab) looking rather improbable...

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