PlayStation has a TikTok account now, to remind you that you're getting old

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The wait for PS5 just got easier, as PlayStation has created its own official TikTok account, beating both Nintendo and Xbox in its debut to the social media platform.

So far, PlayStation's TikTok has two videos, the first of which was posted last December and jokingly made light of the creative process that went into opening the account in the first place. The second came a few days later and offered a fun riff on Death Stranding's rest system. 

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What's interesting about stumbling across this, outside of the fact that the two videos are from last December and slipped by without comment, is how popular they are. The debut video had 2.5 million views, and yet, did you know PlayStation was on TikTok? We certainly didn't, and now we're left to contemplate the horrifying passage of time.

Galaxy brain thinking time: What if this is Sony's way of confirming that the PS5 has seamless TikTok integration? What if the PS5 itself is going to be announced through TikTok? Perhaps this account is what we've been waiting for this entire time, and it's only a matter of hours before PlayStation's third video casually shows off the next-gen console in all its jet black glory? Okay, we'll stop now. 

Alternatively, it's entirely possible that PlayStation's social media team are just looking for something to do while Sony remains a tight-lipped vault of non-information before the inevitable next-gen promotional campaign begins. Either way, give them a follow, and I look forward to seeing you again when Nintendo pops up on Tinder. 

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