No Bring Down the Sky for PC Mass Effect

Xbox 360's first download content for Mass Effect won't feature in the PC version's retail copy, as one might have expected/hoped/thought-would-be-a-grand-idea (delete as appropriate).

BioWare's project director for Mass Effect on PC, Diarmid Clarke, responded with a flat "No" when asked by IGN whetherBring Down the Skywill feature in the retail game. Previously this issue had been left up in the air by the studio.

Outside of that, the developer's being very cagey when it comes to download content plans for the PC version of the sci-fi RPG.

"We're still working on what we'll include as far as additional content. Of course we'll have more 360 downloadable content on the way and we're working on what content we want for the PC as well," BioWare's senior PR manager Matt Atwood says.

"Right now we're thinking there's some great opportunities for the PC that maybe we could take advantage of. We're in the exploration phase right now," he adds.

Bring Down the Sky released for Xbox 360 in March and features a new mission on a renegade asteroid.

Mass Effect on PC releases on May 28 in the US (June 6 for the UK and Europe).

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 10, 2008