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Nintendo Switch system update lets you send screenshots straight to your smartphone

Super Mario 3D All Stars Black Friday
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A brand new Nintendo Switch system update is out now, enabling you to send screenshots directly to your phone.

You can see a brief preview of the update through the tweet from Nintendo just below. Now, when you press A while viewing a screenshot on your Switch, you'll have the option to send the screenshot to your phone, as well as posting it straight to social media then and there.

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You can transfer a maximum of 10 screenshots at once from your Switch to a phone. Additionally, you'll need to use your phone to scan the QR code that pops up on your Switch after you select the option to transfer. After you've done this, all the selected photos will be automatically transferred over to your phone.

Elsewhere in the system update, you'll now see a brand new icon on the bottom left corner of the Switch home screen. Where the News icon once sat, you'll now see a hub for Nintendo Switch Online, showing you all the games available for download straight to your console.

The updated function for the screenshots on your Switch should work a treat for transferring photos in bulk. It's certainly a much easier way of transferring screenshots than using an SD card, and it'll be a perfect way for me to get all these Age of Calamity screenshots I've been saving off my console.

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