The Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Cover is the most practical case yet and it's out next month

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The whole point of Nintendo Switch Lite is that it's smaller and easier to carry/play on the go than its big sibling (also that nice Nintendo Switch Lite price), but you still can't leave it unprotected in your bag. I mean, you could, but just thinking about a Switch Lite bouncing around in the same satchel as a bunch of keys and coins makes my skin crawl. You could zip your Switch Lite up in a protective carrying case that adds bulk and at least one extra zipper, or you could wait for the official new Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Cover to arrive early next month.

The new cover is basically a clamshell case for your Switch Lite: its lightweight top folds down to protect your screen and controls while not in use, and when you want to play, you can flip it back up for instant access without needing to remove the system from the case. It's not quite as protective as a full-on carrying case - the instant-play design requires that the shoulder buttons be left uncovered, for instance - and it's a bit bulkier than a bare Switch Lite. The whole thing is a compromise, but it's an ideal one for folks who are mostly worried about keeping their screens and buttons safe while still being able to pick-up-and-play their devices (rather than protecting it from an extended tumble through a construction site).

The Nintendo Switch Lite Flip Cover also comes with a screen protector just in case any little scratchy bits make their way in under the top bit. You'll be able to pick the whole kit up from the Nintendo Store and other online retailers for $39.99 starting on December 8, and it will roll out to physical retail locations early next year. Or you could always try importing one from Japan - they've been out for a while over there.

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