Nintendo Switch has already been made into an adorable plush dog

 You can play with Nintendo Switch at home, take it out to the park, bring it along to meet up with your friends… Clearly Nintendo is trying to evoke "dog" here, right? After seeing what the Joy-Con controllers look like when they're attached to the grip accessory, the internet quickly agreed that this was the case: 

And AnnaTheRed, full-time "plushsmith" at Castle Crashers studio The Behemoth, set about rendering this adorable concept in huggable, tongue-lolling form.

I'm definitely going to think of a little wall-eyed doggie every time I see a Switch now. And I'm definitely going to feel unnerved the first time I pop off the sides of that pup's head so I can play with it on the go. This metaphor was bound to get weird at some point.

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Connor Sheridan

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