Best Nintendo Switch Pro controller deals and cheap Joy-Con prices (September 2018)

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The best thing about the Nintendo Switch is that there are multiple ways to play: on the television, curled up on the sofa, while commuting on the bus. This also means, however, that there are multiple Nintendo Switch controllers to do it with. The two most common options are the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, ideal for precision aiming in first-person shooters and extended play sessions. And then there is the Joy-con, giving players the ability to mix and match with their favourite colours, as well as break one of whenever needed for two-player play on just one console. Out of the many Nintendo Switch controllers out there, which would best suit your needs?

Thankfully, we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to, rounding up all the best online deals currently available on Nintendo Switch Controllers. From the limited-edition Splatoon 2 Pro controller complete with inky pink and green handles to the neon-coloured Joy-Con pair which will satisfy any devout Pikachu fans, below you’ll find the perfect controller to express yourself whenever you break out your Nintendo Switch. The cost of Nintendo Switch controllers tends to fluctuate all the time, so read on to see how much money you could save off of the standard price. And if you're looking for it, here are the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals right now.

The cheapest Nintendo Switch Pro controller prices

Yes, the official Pro Controller is an expensive piece of kit. At $69.99/£59.99 RRP you're actually spending more on this pad than most actual Switch games, which seems a little steep. However, the Pro Controller does make a huge difference to more traditional games, or titles that require extra precision and response times. Something like Bayonetta is a perfect example of a Pro Controller game, as is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, because prolonged play sessions with the JoyCons can start to give you claw hand. Need to get better at Splatoon? It's a no-brainer. And anyone hoping to compete in the new Smash Bros. game, coming at the end of the year, will definitely need one of these Pro Controllers. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and invest in one...

Compared to the Joy-Cons, there really isn't much choice for Nintendo Switch Pro controller colors. The gray/black version is the most common version and usually the cheapest. Naturally we expect Nintendo to eventually release some more colors outside of limited edition game tie-ins, hopefully providing a little more incentive to spend so much on a controller. A warning against buying third-party controllers at this stage: they don't have NFC capabilities, so don't expect to use any amiibo with them.

Big Splatoon 2 fan, or just really tired of gray? Then you'll want to take a look at this pink and green-handled Nintendo Switch Pro controller. It has has some black 'splats' on the grey face of the controller too. Prices are pretty much in-line with the standard black Pro controller at the moment, but that could change soon as Nintendo probably won't make as many of this version going forwards. Just so you know, this doesn't come with a copy of the game.

The cheapest Joy-Con prices

Ok, so you've got your Nintendo Switch and are looking for some extra Joy-Con controllers like the pair that came with the console? Ideally though, you could do with some that are a different colour than the ones you already have. Well there are plenty to choose from below. 

We've listed the best Joy-Con prices for the most readily available pairs. Getting them in pairs is the best way to go as single Joy-Con's RRP is $49.99/£39.99. The RRP of a pair is $79.99/£69.99, but we generally find many retailers charge far less. Thankfully! Getting a pair unlocks lots of four player options too, or many two player games work better if you have a Joy-Con controller in each hand too.

switch joy con red blue

These are a super popular pick, especially if you originally wanted these with the console, but could only find the grey edition. Stock was super hard to get a hold of when the Switch launched and throughout the Christmas shopping period. 

joy con pink green

Oh you need something a bit more colourful than the red/blue Joy-Cons? Well these Splatoon-flavoured Nintendo Switch controllers are a great way to go. Originally only available with the limited edition Splatoon 2 console bundle, it's great to see them available separately now. Note: these don't come with a copy of the game.

switch joy con grey

Did you end up with the Red/Blue Joy-Cons with the console but would prefer something a little more understated? Well, the gray Joy-Cons are here for you. Are you sure you don't want the next colour down though...

yellow joy cons

The Neon Yellow Joy-Cons are... an acquired taste. And also a bit greenish? No? Just us. We're not sure who they're really for (Minions? Bananaman?). These seem to be a bit rarer than the other colors of Joy-Con, so they're generally more expensive too. Worth investing in as a collector's item for later? Yeah, um good luck with that.

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