Nintendo officially announces leaked 1-2-Switch sequel that reportedly "tested horribly"

Everybody 1-2-Switch
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Nintendo has announced that it will soon be releasing a follow-up game to 1-2-Switch, a title that last year reportedly "tested horribly" during development.

Earlier today on June 2, Nintendo announced that Everybody 1-2-Switch was coming to Switch on June 30, 2023. Almost a year ago exactly, we wrote a story about how a rumored 1-2-Switch sequel had "tested horribly" at Nintendo, with its developers unsure how exactly to make a sequel to its Nintendo Switch launch title. Now that the title has been confirmed, it will be interesting to see how the game has turned out.

In the original report, written by Fanbyte, multiple sources claimed that the upcoming sequel was a party game full of various mini-games that was hosted by "a bipedal horse that looked like a man wearing a rubber horse mask." If you take a look at the tweet below, it does appear that the title in question is what Nintendo is planning to release later this month. 

According to the report, when Everybody 1-2-Switch was given to playtesting groups, a lot of the feedback was that the game was "boring" and that many testers "didn't even want to play through entire rounds." It's important to remember though that this is what playtesting is for, and since it's been an entire year since this report was originally published, we can only assume that Nintendo has been hard at work making the game a lot more enjoyable. 

Pre-orders for Everybody 1-2-Switch are now live and give future players an idea of what they'll be up to in the upcoming party game. As the game's description reads, the mini-games are team-based games that can be played with a mix of Joy-Cons or smartphones - which corroborates Fanbyte's report from last year that said the developers wanted to make a Jackbox Party Pack-style game. 

The good news is that if you're curious enough to want to give Everybody 1-2-Switch a try, it's currently being offered for just $30/£25, which is actually cheaper than its six-year-old predecessor 1-2-Switch right now. On a more exciting note, Nintendo also revealed today that it is releasing a new pastel Joy-Con collection and it's gorgeous. 

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