Nintendo fangasm

11)Big Tetris
Aim to "enrich the children's chromatic landscape," do they? Just stop talking, get that kid out of here, and let us loose on these things so we can live our fantasies of being inside a big, soft, cuddly game of Tetris. Yes, these may very well be fantasies that are unique to us. It's rude to judge.

12)Mario flute beatbox
Yep, it might sound like we've just picked three random words from the dictionary: but this guy really does "flute up" (made-up term) the Super Mario Bros theme, and throws down beatbox sounds.

13)DS Lite stickers
Korean isn't one of the languages that "Google Translate" does particularly well. And we know Korean about as well as we can do complicated math. So the only question we can answer about these DS Lite skins is: are they Korean? And the answer is: yes.