Nintendo fangasm

There are two kinds of Nintendo fans; those who buy the systems and like to have fun, and those who do weird Nintendo-related shit in their free time that's also pretty cool. Oh and both might buy those "trendy" Hot Topic shirts. Here's a sampling of some of the crazy stuff that these Nintendo fanboys have been up to:

1)The Famicom guitar:
You're probably thinking that this guitar/Famicom hybrid beats fire, the combustion engine and sliced bread as mankind's best invention ever. That's until you learn the guy put it together from a Famicom he "borrowed" from his younger sister. What a jerk.

2)Wii in Lego
Created by the brilliantly named "Optimus Convoy," which is fantastic enough in itself. This Lego guy has got hold of one of the few Lego Wiis shipped to Lego Toys 'R' Us after the launch day sellout. It's all there: the Wii, the controller, the TV... the only thing preventing him from a Wii Sports marathon is that the TV display is made out of bricks.

3)Squeeze Mario
Available now in Japan: squeezable stress mushrooms. Oh, and the somewhat out-of-place question mark block, which at least has the grace to look confused about its place in the group. Six centimeters tall. Check a ruler. Not so hot now, eh?

4)Here be a wolf
"Completely made in Holland," it's Twilight Princess papercraft. The difference between origami and papercraft is: origami is the one that doesn't involve scissors.

5)Mario feet
Simple: Super Mario Bros played with feet; Super Mario Bros completed with feet. Not quite that Shigeru Miyamoto had this in mind while designing one of his magnus opuses (opii?), we're sure. So that's Nintendo games played with hands and with feet... we're a bit worried about what's next.