Nintendo fangasm

6)Zelda remixed
Zelda Reorchestrated recreates tunes from right across the Zelda saga (but, particularly, Ocarina of Time), then pushes them along your internet wires, out your PC and up against your eardrums. A bit like when Greener recreated the Star Fox theme with a saucepan, a wooden spoon and a cat. But not much.

7)Snow art
Hurrah for New Jersey's Institute of Technology - if not for instituting technologists, then for giving us the students who sculpting this boss-eyed Mario into the snow. All achieved with something called "string grids." Must be a Jersey thing.

8)Layton wants you
Marketing? A cinch, according to Professor Layton's developers. Simply hire a man with a big nose and a top hat as tall as his head, and get to him to sit in a stately mansion pointing in a way that has you reaching to protect your eyes. Then take a photograph, if you like.

9)Raving recipes
Rayman 's raving rabbids are frightening enough in traditional form but if you really want to condemn your family to a tearful lifetime in therapy, cook them up one of these cupcakes. "We eventually figured out how to make them look decent," say the one responsible. Did you. Did you really?

10)Chocolate remote
We can't control ourselves when there's a chocolate Wii remote in hand-reaching vicinity. But the real tasty bit is how they're made: using the plastic packaging that the controllers come in. First person to injure themselves with a choc Wii controller is an idiot. But that goes without saying.