Nintendo fangasm

16) Counterfeit Yoshi
So this Chinese manufacturer was looking for the perfect character to convey the calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D packed into its nutritious coconut drink. Who can blame them for choosing Mutant Beefcake Nightmare-Man and his trusty steed, Dinoviking? They really do look familiar, though.

17)More Legos
Don't look into the eyes. Lego Mario has come for your soul, and those tough plastic gums are all the better for eating you with. Brrr. In this alternate world, he's locked in eternal conflict with Lego-Mecha-Bowser, who comes loaded with heat-seeking missiles and laser eyes. You know, for effectively dealing with the dismembered head.

18)A hamster
What's better than a DS-playing hamster? A DS-playing hamster named Kumanoko Puffy BabyBear. His short life was dominated by a big tooth problem and, no doubt, an even bigger problem holding the stylus. And pressing the buttons. And switching the DS on. And understanding what the hell is going on.

19)Wii apprehension
What's wrong with Wii Sports? According to one mom, it's that it's a work of fiction. "Maybe Wii Tennis will encourage my children to play real tennis," she complains. "But what if, when they pick up a real tennis racquet, they're so delusional about their ability that they walk away in frustration?" Answer: get a new, non-faulty set of kids.

20)Bottle blow Mario
It's the Super Mario Bros theme - again - recreated in the medium of half-empty Coke bottles and the expelled carbon dioxide of human beings. You can almost hear these people's will to live draining away. And, of course, their breath.