Nintendo fan creates giant custom Game Boy Arcade for their wall

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A handy redditor has managed to create a custom giant 6ft Game Boy.

User jessew1987 shared something they were working on: a completely custom-made, and rather large, Game Boy Color case they've attached to their wall.

They call it the Game Boy arcade and it's a totally functional console, albeit with a tiny gimmick to make it playable.

I built a custom giant Gameboy arcade station for downtimes at work. What do you guys think? from r/gaming

According to the Reddit post, the physical buttons on the Game Boy don't actually work, but inside the shell, there is a homebrewed Nintendo Wii console. 

The OP says that because the Wii has homebrew installed on it, "it does run Atari, NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB, GBA, and Genesis" games. Jessew1987 added in the comments that they wanted to add functioning buttons, but there "wasn't enough time" to do so.

Since it's a Wii console in there, you can control it with the Wiimotes and you can also plug in GameCube controllers, so it is totally functioning in that sense.

The entire process was documented by jessew1987 on Imgur, where they shared a bunch of images going through the creative process which seems to use a CNC machine to get those iconic details on the Game Boy outer case, as well as the buttons.

After getting all the casing and buttons made up, the next job was to spray paint it that classic Nintendo blue colour. While it looks like a great deal of work, you can't argue with the stellar end result.

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