Nintendo 64 and DS games coming to WiiU Virtual Console, plus new titles to the eShop

Adding to the Wii U's already packed list of Virtual Console games and its upcoming eShop releases for 2015, today's Nintendo direct announced a whole slew of new and familiar digital content, some of it available right this second.

Nintendo 64 and DS titles will now be available for the Virtual Console, starting with the immediate release of Super Mario 64 and Yoshi's Island DS. Other beloved titles we'll have to be more patient for include Donkey Kong 64 and Mario Kart 7, which will be released at a to-be-announced date later this year.

In addition, the eShop's collection of quality indie titles continues to grow. While you're looking forward to the likes Runbow and Box Boy!, the following titles will also be hitting the eShop throughout 2015: forma.8, Dementium Remastered, Starwhal, Antipole DX, Life of Pixel, Slain!, Back to Bed, Space Hulk, Dooors, Dot Arcade, Lionel City Builder 3D, Toto Temple Deluxe, The Bridge, Shutshimi, and Windup Knight 2.

Ashley Reed

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