Nintendo 3DS specs possibly leaked... that's 'specifications', not 'glasses'

Two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs,
133MHz GPU,
4MBs of dedicated VRAM,
64MBs of RAM,
1.5GBs of flash storage

The biggest surprise here are the inclusion of two CPUs and the size of the on-board flash storage. It makes sense to assume each CPU will be responsible for drawing one side of the 3D graphics. That way, graphical quality won't be compromised by one processor having to draw both angles of the 3D. Makes sense, and we already know it works like a dream.

As for the flash memory, this is up from DSi's 256MB on-board storage, which was fine for a few photos and small games, but did need additional storage almost immediately. Don't worry about filling it up with your installed games, though - there's still going to be an SD memory card slot for your 3DS Ware titles.

There's nothing here that's wildly out of ourexpectations, so we're going to stick our necks out and say that these are probably definitely quite possibly likely.

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22 Sep, 2010


Justin Towell

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