Ninja Gaiden Sigma Walkthrough

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Written by: Daniel Acaba 

GameFAQS ID: Misfit119

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System: PlayStation 3

Version 1.0 - 9/18/2007

This FAQ Copyright 2007 Daniel Acaba

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1 - Update History

2 - About This FAQ

3 - Controls

4 - Weapons

5 - Ninpo

6 - Walkthrough

7 - About the Author


1. Update History


v.1.0 - 9/18/2007 - FAQ Completed

v.1.5 - 9/18/2007 - Two sections of the FAQ were accidentally cut out. They

have been put back in.


2. About This FAQ


I have wanted to do a FAQ for Ninja Gaiden for quite some time now, me and this

series have a storied and bloody history. I have played, and beaten, each and

every game in the series dying horrendously as I tried to do so. Ninja Gaiden

Sigma is the third iteration of Ninja Gaiden and it isnt as good as the two

that came before but its an enjoyable game. I am going to start my FAQ writing

on the series here and work backwards.


3. Controls


Left Analog Stick: Move Ryu

Right Analog Stick: Control Camera

D-Pad Up: Close Inventory

D-Pad Left / Right: Toggle Healing Item

D-Pad Down: Activate Chosen Healing Item

Square Button: Regular Attack

Triangle Button: Strong Attack / Hold to charge

Cross (X) Button: Jump

Circle Button: Projectile Weapon

L1 Button: Block

L2 Button: Karma

L3 Button (press in left analog stick): N/A

R1 Button: Center Camera

R2 Button: Map

R3 Button (press in right analog stick): Toggle first and third person camera.

Select Button: Map

Start Button: Menu Screen

Left Analog and L1: Roll (Reverse Wind)

Circle & Triangle Buttons: Activate Ninpo (shake controller to power up spell)


4. Weapons


The following is a list of all the weapons in the game and their uses. I am not

going to get into the combos since this is easily accessed from within the game

itself, so its redundant to print it here.


Dragon Sword (Plasma Saber/True Dragon Sword)


The Dragon Sword (or Plasma Saber) is the default weapon and it is probably the

best weapon in the game. It is useful in almost all situations and you will

very rarely be unable to use it to beat any regular enemies or even bosses. It

is very useful for blocking attacks and hurling off quick counter attacks to

decimate groups of enemies. If you can charge it up it is even more useful and

more than capable of wiping out even the harder enemies with ease.


Nunchuku / Vigoorian Flails


While ridiculously weak these weapons are great for fighting smaller enemiesa

dn some certain bosses. You can rack up some serious combos with these weapons

and juggle enemies with a fair amount of ease. If you know how to use it and

where, and when, the enemies are most vulnerable you can even use it on the

stronger enemies and certain bosses. These weapons are hard to control however

and you are just as likely to pull off the wrong combo as you are to do the

right one. Also it is sometimes hard to judge your attacks until you get very

used to wielding these.




The Lunar is essentially a combat staff, bladed and ready to kill. Even though

it can hit the enemies rapidly it isnt very powerful. You are just as likely to

combo an enemy and have them survive the attack to get up and attack you. The

weapon needs to be powered up to level 3, in the least, before it does damage

that is comparable to the other weapons. Its slower than the nunchuku type

weapons and weaker than the swords until then.

Your best bet is to use it to counter attack the enemies. Dodge them, pound

them down and then unleash a combo. Thats the best way to use it.


Dragon Claw & Tiger Fang


Right here are the new weapons added into Ninja Gaiden Sigma and they are some

really awesome weapons. They can unleash more hits than the regular katanas,

they do more damage and they just look awesome doing it. However the problem is

in the recovery time; recovering from a combo can take awhile especially if you

miss. Its not a good idea to use these on the bosses or the larger enemies,

the delay can cost you some serious health.




Second only to the Unlabored Flawlessness in sheer power, the Dabilahro is the

powerhouse weapon of choice for most of the game. You shouldnt simply try to

attack enemies out of hand with this bad boy, you will get hit for your trouble

and likely get hurt bad. You need to use its sheer power and range to your

advantage. Use it for counter-attacks and to hit enemies at a distance who

arent trying to close in on you at the moment. Otherwise its not worth the

trouble of using it. Its Ultimate Technique is really awesome though.




Due to the loss of its life-draining abilities the Kitetsu is essentially one

giant paperweight now. It used to be the rapid fire attack version of the

Dragon Sword, with the same combos but doing more damage (due to it splitting

into two swords). It has a really cool Ultimate Technique but other than that

it isnt really all that good. Just wait for the True Dragon Sword.


War Hammer


This weapon is worthless. For the short time that you have it (and not the

Dabilahro or UF) it is useful for just powering through enemy defences. Sadly,

that is about its only usefulness.


Wooden Sword / Unlabored Flawlessness


The Wooden Sword is worthless, lets get that out of the way right now. But the

end result of upgrading it the required seven times is the most powerful, and

slowest, weapon in the game. The Unlabored Flawlessness is essentially a giant

boat oar that is a more powerful version of the Dabilharo. The only major

difference between the two (other than combos) is that the UF will get powered

up when you are about to die. At less than 10% of your health it will start to

do around two times the normal damage to enemies per hit. This is basically a

guaranteed kill for minor enemies and some serious damage to bosses.


Dark Dragon Blade


For me, this replaced the Dabilharo and Unlabored Flawlessness since it comes

to you fully upgraded and super powerful. While it is slow, and seriously hard

to get, it is more than capable of wrecking hell on the enemies that get in

your way. There isnt much else to say about it, get your hands on it and see

what havoc you can bring down on your foes.


Projectile Weapons




Small and barely damaging, the Shuriken are mostly good for stunning enemies

before you hit them with a melee combo. They are thrown in groups of three and

you can hurl them to your hearts content just dont expect them to do much in

the ways of damage.


Windmill Shuriken


While you can use this the same as the regular shuriken but you can only throw

one at a time and you have to wait for it to come back before you can fling any

more. It is a fair sight more powerful than the regular ones but it will still

be pretty useless against bosses anyways.


Incendiary Shurikens


Think of these as shuriken bombs. If you hit an enemy with them they will do a

fair amount of damage but you really cannot afford to miss. You cant carry all

that many with you at once so use them sparingly.


Bow / Strongbow


The bow is the means of firing arrows at your enemies. The basic arrow is kind

of weak but it will get the job done. You can snipe off enemies at a range with

it and, new to this game, you can fire arrows while jumping. This gives you

some dodging abilities while trying to ranged attack the enemies.

The Strongbow is simply a more damaging version of the bow. Your arrows will do

more damage when fired from this upgraded bow.




These are the rocket launchers of Ryu's arsenal, only use these against bosses

or very specific enemies since they are hard to come by and are overkill in

most situations. Simply fire and expect things to die.


Explosive Cores


While weaker than the APFSDS Cores, the Explosive arrows are still quite a bit

more powerful than the normal arrows. These are good for use on regular enemies

or weaker boss monsters. You should be careful in how you use these though as

you cannot carry all that many of them.


Spear Gun


This is used for very particular sections while underwater. Since its your

only choice at the time go ahead and use it. Its not useful otherwise.


5. Ninpo


Ninpo is the ninja magic that Ryu can use to make his life, and fights, easier.

It is activated by the Circle and Triangle buttons pressed together and you can

power it up by shaking the controller up and down. Ninpo is selected from the

inventory screens. For the most part it all serves the same purpose, protecting

you while you cast and doing damage. So use it when it seems necessary or if

you are hurt and need to reach a save point.


6. Walkthrough


Chapter 1


Search the dead body for an elixir and then eliminate the two ninjas that come

out. Continue up the hill towards the fortress. Jump the gap and open the first

of many Kunai scrolls. Grab the ledge and shimmy across. Now run up the tree

and you will come across two more enemies. Cut then down and then wall run

across the pit. Snatch the item out of the chest before you jump towards the

branch that is sticking out of the mountain. Swing across to the next ledge and

use the wall leap (Bird Flip) move to reach the top of the shaft. You will have

enemies to fight up here as soon as you head for the pathway.

Enter the fortress. As soon as you are inside you will have to fight two more

enemies. Go into the next room and you will be locked in with three enemies.

Kill them, take the item from the chest and head into the next room. This next

room is a bit tough, a group of enemies will come out from the ceiling. This

is a good opportunity to test out your charge up attacks. Go through the door

into the next room (there are some items to be found here, but ignore the 

samurai statue for now). Exit through the door opposite you.

Continue into the new room and search nearby to find a Lives of the Thousand

Gods item. Go into the room and ninjas will come down and attack you. Kill the

lot of them and open the chest to obtain the Flying Swallow Scroll. Exit by

destroying the wall scroll next to the pot. 

This room is a pain in the rear but also a good place to harvest essence. Avoid

the trapdoor in the back of the room and take out the enemies. They will come

out in pairs from the rotating doors on the sides of the room until you have

fought about 12 of them. Once they are all dead avoid the trapdoor and head to

the back of the room and cut down this wall scroll. Go through, save your game

and then drop down through the trapdoor.

Kill the bats using the shurikens while you destroy the pots until you find the

items hidden down here. There is a chest down here that has the Fangs of the

Samurai item in it, dont leave before getting it. Bust the lanterns and head

out, grabbing the next kunai scroll and continuing upwards. Two enemies will

burst from around a corner, kill them and then enter the room. Grab the item

from the chest and drop back down into an earlier passage. From this room head

back to the Samurai statue and use the fangs on it. This will give you the Key

of Courage.

Head back through the room with the revolving walls (the enemies will be back)

and dart through or fight the enemies as you please. Go into the next room and

save your game before going up the stairs. Head along the walkway and kill off

the two ninjas that try to intercept you. Use the Key of Courage to unlock the

door and youre almost to the boss. You will have to fight about 6 ninjas in

here although they come out in groups of 2 to start with. Kill them and head on

into the next room to fight the boss.


Stage Boss: Murai


For a first boss, who looks like a doofus, Murai is incredibly difficult. You

cant afford to let him combo you or grab you, so you have to keep moving. There

are two ways to go about this; one is to keep moving and use wall run attacks

paired with diving slashes to weaken him slowly but surely, the other is more

dangerous but less time consuming.

If you keep your distance from Murai he will attempt to pull off a three hit

combo or charge you. You can use the roll maneuver to avoid the worst of his

attacks and then retaliate with a two or three hit combo. Essentially stay just

out of reach of his grab (about a sword strikes distance plus a little more)

and wait for him to try any form of attack. If he tries a combo dodge him and

return fire. Should he charge you instead, bolt away with a roll and then try

a combo. You should be able to lock him into this his attack, you dodge and

counter, repeat, over and over again.

Dont try getting behind him for an attack or he will mule kick you in the face.

Just keep your patience and you should be able to take him down slowly but

safely enough.


Chapter 2


Go back to the svae point and save before you head out of the Fortress. You are

heading towards the giant locked doors you couldnt get through before. Go on

through and kill the bats. Grab the scroll off the altar to get the Fire Wheel

Ninpo. Ride the elevator in here to the bottom and head on out. You will be in

a grassy area, you need to use a wall run to get to the next ledge. There is a

chest here, grab the smoke bomb from it.

When you move to leave three samurai will come out. You will need a different

strategy to fight these guys since they will block a lot more often than the

ninjas did. Your best bet is to kill one of them using whatever means you so

choose and then charge up using his essence to wipe out the other two. All you

need to do is to get used to doing this and these guys are no problem.

Head down the path and slide down the slope, leaping before you fall off into

the water and grabbing the branch. Go from there, leaping along the branches

until you get to land where you will fight some more samurai. Kill them and

keep moving.

You have reached the village and are going to be greeted by a group of samurai.

Kill them off and then climb the watchtower ladder where you will find a chest

with the Hayabusa Village Map in it. From here you need to head towards the

broken bridge where you must either water run across, or swim, to the next


As you enter the village continue heading straight forward and you will be

attacked by a group of samurai with warlocks accompanying them. The warlocks

are you biggest priority right now so dodge the samurai (rolling works) and

kill the warlocks with a combo. Use the essence they drop to kill the samurai

off. Doing this repeatedly will clear this area out easily. 

Search the area to find a Jizo Head, return to the entrance and place it on the

statue there (the one without a head obviously) and you will be given another

Life of the Gods. Head back down and save your game. Move towards the middle of

the village and jump up to the window ledge along the left side. Cutscene time!

You will get the bow from Ayane now. Go down from here and you will be in a

small supply depot with a Muramasa Statue in it. Use your essence how you like

and then head on out.

Exit the supply area and more samurai will come after you. You can find arrows

on a dead body here (kind of morbid...). Use them on the three targets above

the fence and you will get red, blue and yellow essence. I suggest you save the

game right now as youre about to fight an obnoxious mini-boss.


Mini-Boss: Mounted Samurai


You will be attacked by a pair of samurai, one wielding a naginata and the

other using a bow. They are going to attempt to circle around you will picking

at your health until you are dead. The key to surviving this fight is in your

nearly unbreakable defenses.

What you want to do is to keep moving after one of the horsemen, trying to cut

them off and wait for them to attack you. Move to hit the horse in the rear and

pull off a two or three hit combo. If you hit it hard enough the horse will

rear up and neigh loudly. This is a great chance for you to beat on it yet once

again. You should be able to hit it with at least three or four combos before

it moves away from you. Repeat this until you knock him off his horse (thats

the end of the horse) and then use the essence from the horse to maul the now

ground based samurai.

Once he dies another is going to come out from over the rocks, but this should

not be a problem. Simply use the same strategy to take out the rest of them.

You will have to contend with a total of four horsemen so prepare to spend some

time here.


Fight over!


Alright now that the mounted bosses are done for head for the save point. Use

it and jump over the rubble to find a dead body with an Elixir on it. Head for

Muramasas statue and restock before saving yet again. Once youre done head for

the Central Bridge to fight the boss.


Stage Boss: Masakado


This dude scared the living hell out of me the first time I fought him. He

uses the same attacks as the naginata weilding horsemen (your block should be

more than enough) but the warlocks are a problem. They will keep hitting you

with fireballs while you try to fight Masakado, so you cant just focus on him.

The best way to beat him is to wait for him to be at the other end of the

bridge, preparing to come after you before doing anything. Once he is there, go

after the warlocks and kill them. Now face Maskakado and pull in the essence

as you charge for an Ultimate Technique. Wait for him to near you and unleash

the attack on him. You only need to do this four or five times to kill him.

Its simple as that.


End battle!


Grab the scroll and head through the doorway to enter the next area. Save your

game as soon as you can. Go into the burning courtyard and defeat the warlocks

here. Head into the house and kill the samurai here, you will find them behind

the paper walls. Warlocks will be coming out as well, so make sure you get to

them. Head on out of the house into the backyard and prepare to fight one of

the hardest fights in the game.


Stage Boss: Doku


Yes this stage has two bosses but thats for a very good reason. If you so much

as get hit, this fight is over. Now if you really dont care simply let him hit

you and proceed with the game. But if you want to unlock Mission mode you are

going to need to be very careful when fighting him.

Realistically this fight is pretty direct. None of his moves should be too hard

to avoid especially if you are good at rolling away from attacks by now. The

bulk of what you need to do here is to let him attack you and then you roll out

of the way, then move in and pull off a three hit combo. As soon as  your third

hit connects roll away. Repeat this as necessary but do not let him get even

a single hit in or this fight is over.

It will take a long while but this is really the only way to win this fight.


Chapter 3


Search the room to find an Elixir before you save the game. Head into the

hallway and you will see a number of other rooms. One room has an Elixir of the

Devil Way inside while the other has Map in it. When you grab the map two of

the soldiers will burst on into the room via the windows. They are basically

the same as the samurai except they can grab you for a pretty painful hit. Go

on out into the hallway and head for the double doors. As before the windows

work as doors for these soldiers so more are going to come in. Once they are

all dead, grab the key and exit through the double doors.

Kill off the soldiers and use the right staircase (going down) and use the left

staircase to reach a Muramasa Statue (he has some new items and upgrades). Now

head down the right stairs and you will reach a save point, so use that. In the

office to the left is a Life of the Gods but to the right is where you need to

go, so head there. Take the door in the office to a fight, you should enter the

room holding the block button to ensure no cheap shots. Take out the soldiers

and then use the now opened door.

You will be in a hallway now. Head for the double doors and unlock them so that

you can use them to get back to the initial hallway (right outside the cabin

you started in). Go back to the door you came into this hallway from and use

the door across from it. Grab the scarab and Map of Tairon from near the desk

and use the elevator.

You are now on the main flight deck of the ship, run across to the other side

of the room to find another elevator. Use it and go down, being ready to beat

down on some more soldiers. Kill them and the commander who follows to find

the ID Card. Open the door next to the elevator and get the dual katanas from a

chest in there. Now go back up to the flight deck and go through the door near

to you to fight two more soldiers. Use the exit to reach another save point, so

use that. Go through the door across from you to head on outside.

Go across the bridge and use the ID card to enter the Container Room. Destroy

the crates to clear the way and get some more arrows. Head to the other end of

the room and use the turnstile switch. Turn it three times and soldiers will

come into the room (via the windows again). Kill them off and then rotate the

handle until the door opens.

Run towards the ledge and take out your bow. A group of soldiers will come out

and try to blast you with guns and a rocket launchers. Use the bow to take them

out and then use the zipline to get to the other side. Follow the walkway until

you find a commander soldier and kill him. Now bust the window here and jump on

into the engine room. Bust up the room until the engines are down. All of the

locks will open now so you can move freely through the ship. Head back to the

room that Ryu started off in killing the soldiers who dare get in your way. If

you want to, take a detour through the double doors and save the game (and use

the Muramasa statue again if you like).

Head back to the Storage Room that was near your starting point. Go on into it

and fight off the enemies in here. This challenge will get you a Lives of the

Gods item, as well as there being a Golden Scarab in here. Now head through the

 double doors and save the game (and use the Muramasa statue again if you like).

Go to the main cabin and use the previously locked metal doors to reach the

boss. Head up the metal stairways and defeat the soldiers that are in your way

and start making your way up to the top of this area. Soon you will reach a

ladder. Use the wall jump to reach a small side room with a switch that will

open the rooftop access. Now you can climb the ladder to fight the Dynamo. If

you want to save or use the Muramasa statue do it now.


Stage Boss: Dynamo


Lets just get one thing out of the way, you desperately need him to not use his

medium or long range attacks. They are powerful, hard to dodge attacks whereas

his melee attacks arent. In reality beating him is pretty easy so long as you

stay close enough to avoid him using these attacks but not close enough to be

grabbed by him.

By doing this he will attempt to bash you with melee attacks. His attack will

likely break your block and cause him to try and grab you. ROLL away as soon as

your block is broken and then do a three hit combo. He will start another melee

attack as youre hitting him, so quickly block and then roll away before you try

to repeat the melee combo. Keep this up and its like nothing.

If this is too risky for you, you will need to keep your distance and run in

circles around him. Wait for him to exhaust his laser cannon blasts, rolling to

help you dodge them and jumping to help avoid the last, and then do a dashing

attack (or a leaping attack). As soon as you hit him pull off a two or three

hit combo before quickly retreating and going back to that. This is dangerous

because if his cannon hits you youre going to lose most of your health in one

or two hits. Pick your poison.


Chapter 4


Save your game and head down to fight a group of soldiers. Follow the alley and

you will end up in Twin Serpents Plaza. Pretty monument, but totally useless

right now. Head towards the open alleyway and kill off the soldiers before you

use the open door.  Search the dead body here to find the Guillotine Throw

scroll. Approach the Red Jeweled door ti trigger an ambush.

Kill off the soldiers and the red door will open up so head on through. You are

now in Dworku alley. Kill off the soldiers in here and head towards the other

end of the alley. Follow the winding alley to reach a large pot with the Lunar

in it. Grab it and double back, taking the stairs downwards. Go right and keep

heading that way towards the next staircase. Two soldiers will pop out on you

when you approach the stairs so pull out your bow and knock them off.

Head up the stairs and read the kunai. Now wall run up to the blue ledge, move

along it to the left and drop down onto the balcony. Grab the zip line from

here and take it across. Kill off the soldiers that come from the staircase and

grab the nunchuks from the dead body. Save your game and then head out through

the yellow jewel door.

You will end up in the Clock Tower plaza. Head through the blue lined door and

head up the stairs to run into some soldiers. Kill them off and head towards

the balcony. Time to handle some Black Spider Clan ninjas. These guys can be

tough until you get used to fight them, counterattacks are your most reliable

way of taking them out.

Now head down through the Sqare past the multi-jeweled door and you will get a

cutscene. Go on into Muramasas shop and do whatever business you have to do

there. Move towards the Green Jeweled door outside to trigger another ambush.

Kill them off and head through the door. 

Move into the middle of this area to trigger a ninja ambush. Wipe them out and

then head to the metal door, unlocking it. Now head up the stairs and kill off

the ninjas that attack. Move through the alley the ninjas came out of and use

the wall jump to get on top of the ledge here. Wall run across the blue lined

wall to get to the other side. Go through the door and follow the ledge to find

a dead body, grab the diary off the body. Move to the end of this walkway to

reach a level and chest. Grab the items from the chest and flip the switch. You

will have unlocked the multi-colored door with this one. Hop off the ledge to

fight some soldiers. Kill them and then head through said multi-colored jeweled

door to reach Pleasure Street.

As you head through the area, kill off the ninjas that try to ambush you and

continue towards Hans Bar. As you near it you will be attacked by a group of

motorcycle soldiers. These guys are annoying but its not too bad if you are any

good with the Flying Swallow. Use that attack repeatedly to unseat all of the

riders and then take them out while they are on the ground. Grab the Lilly Key

off the ground and head to the bar.


Chapter 5


Time for some Rachel action. All I have to say to this is meh. She is slow and

clunky to use although she makes up for it with sheer power. Meh I say! I want

my Ryu! Well anyways, its time to use her for a bit.

Save your game and proceed forward. Wipe out the soldiers who come out and use

the gate to leave. Kill off the soldiers who come out here as well and take out

the Chopper through whatever means please you. Keep moving towards the

Monastary Plaza. 

Kill off the soldiers in here before heading up the stairs to take out yet some

more soldiers. Grab the Dworku Monastary key off the ground and head back to

Monastery Plaza. Use the Muramasa statue now to restock and then head into the

plaza. You will be ambushed by a group of shadow fiends. Since Rachels best

strength lies in her counterattacks use that to beat these guys. Now use the

key on the double gate.

Take out more shadow fiends once youre inside and then save your game. Head up

the path towards the altar hall. Take out all the shadow fiends here using the

same tactics and then take the door to the right side of the room into the 

Archives Room. Kill off the ninjas in here, being very careful since theyre

harder for Rachel than Ryu, and then go up the stairs.


Chapter 6


Save your game and open the chest. Now make your way out of the bar by jumping

down off the roof (same place where Gamov lept off). You will have to fight off

some more Motorcycle enemies here, take them out using the same method as you

did before. Use the save point and leave this street.

Grab the Kunai scroll that Ayane throws at you. She informs you about the

hidden weapon which is the Windmill Shuriken. You will need to wall run along

the blue lines repeatedly until you reach the end. It will make your life a lot

easier to get up there if you perform a dashing attack while airborne. Grab the

Windmill Shuirken and then jump down. You now need to make your way back to the

Bronze Lily. 

Head on through the door and kill off the soldiers. Continue down the alleyway

and kill off the enemies that come after you. Follow it until you get through

the zigzagging passage until you reach a save point. Save and go up the stairs

to find your way to Drawbridge Square. 

Kill the motorcycle soldiers in here and then go through the blue door. Take

out the enemies and continue until you see a chest. Grab the Pegasus Key from

it. Make your way back to Moat Road and kill off the ninjas again. Now use the

Pegasus Key on the gate, go inside and pull the lever. This lowers the bridge

in Drawbridge Square. Save and head across the drawbridge. Go up the stairs

to the save point, kill the ninjas that pop out and then save the game. Use the

Muramasa statue and then head down the stairs into Monastery Plaza.

The gate will lock you in and soldiers will start jumping down. Take out the

soldiers here and the gates will unlock. Continue forward and ignore the front

gates of the monastery. Go around the side and kill off the ninjas who will

try to ambush you. Search the area for a chest, grab the items from it. Now

continue ahead until you are locked into another area.

Kill off the motorcycle soldiers who come out, use the same strategy as before

to take them out. Watch the cutscene and now its time for a mid-boss who will

become a regular enemy later on.


Mini-Boss: Red Dinosaurs


These guys are really fearsome looking but they arent all that hard. You can

block or roll away from all of their attacks with relative ease. There are two

simple ways to take them out, one being a bit more dangerous than the other.

If you are feeling like taking a risk then heres what you do; get into their

face and let them attack you. Block the attack and then hit them with a two or

three hit combo. Immediately roll away and then attack again if possible or

block if he starts a combo. You might need to run away every so often since

there are three of them and coming from the front isnt always easy.

The other way to go about this is to keep your distance and let them charge at

you. When they do so dodge at the last second and they will ram into the wall.

From here you can pull off at least one good combo before they arent staggered

any more. They will do a spinning tail whip when they turn around so be careful

of this. Either way you go about it, they arent all that hard.


Boss: Hydracubus


This guy is pathetically easy so long as you know two key things: one, if you

stay close to him he will not use his dangerous acid ball attack which is good

and two, you can block his tentacles but they will break your block. That means

that you have to roll away immediately or get hit. So the trick here is to stay

right on top of him and block when youre not attacking, simple.

Use the flying swallow attack to sever his two tentacles, simply spamming the

attack repeatedly until he loses both of them. Now absorb both essence and

unleash the attack on him, this should devastate his health. Now combo him over

and over until his tentacles grow back. Now repeat the tentacle loppind and he

will die soon enough. Dont even use any Ninpo on this dork, its a waste.


Chapter 7


Open the chests to grab a Life of the Thousand Gods and then save your game. Go

up the stairs and open the chests here to find more items. Proceed towards the

archway and kill off the enemies who come after you. Jump down to find a

Muramasa statue, restock and then continue on outside. Grab the item from the

chest nearby and then make your way towards the Monastery entrance. Take out

the Shadow Fiends who come after you and then use the save point near the

entrance. I suggest opening the double doors here, it will lead to fighting

some more fiends but thats a fair price.

Enter the Monastery and go up the walkway. Search the area for chests, ignore

the alter and then open the door on the right. You are locked in now, so kill

off the enemies as quickly as possible. Now head up the stairs and search the

floor for items. Now wall jump up to the top floor to find a golden scarab. Use

the Incendiary Shurikens to break open the wall up here. This brings in another

wave of enemies so take them out and head on out of the room using the door.

Go after all the chests up here and then take the door at the other side of the

balcony. Read the book on the desk in here and use that to open the safe. You

can tell if youre doing it right by the lights turning blue. Grab the Book of

the Eons from the safe, kill off the enemies who ambush you and then jump down

back into the Altar Hall. Place the book on the alter to open up the path and

then kill off the enemies who come out.

Jump down, kill off the bats and search the dead body. Grab the Map for this

place from the chest, grab the golden scarab and kill any enemies you must. Now

save the game and proceed on through the gate nearby. Use an Incendiary

Shuriken on the wall nearby to start an Indiana Jones style sequence. You will

need to jump over spikes in your path but you can move a bit faster if you use

wall runs when possible. At the end of this you will see Ryu leap to a metal

bar, so youre good. Move across the bars until you can reach the save. Save thy

game grasshopper.

Start to descend the spiral ramp, using the Windmill shuriken to kill enemies

as you go. When you reach the dino bones kill off the Shadow Fiends and take

note of the altar. Go through the metal gate and kill off the wasp fiends.

Search this room to find golden scarabs and a life of the gods. Leave and go

to the save point, save your game and keep going down. At the bottom you will

fight some more enemies, kill them off and use the Muramasa statue to refill

on your supplies.

Move into the Tomb of Eons and you will find a circular platform. Use a ground

pound attack to make this thing start moving. You will need to kill off some

Shadow Fiends as it descends, so keep killing until the platform stops moving.

Exit through the doorway, open the chest nearby to find the Vigoorian Flails

and then save your game. Go through the opposite door to find some fun.

Kill the wasps in here and then its time for new enemies. These zombies are a

major pain, they take a fair amount of damage and theres almost always an

archer with them. Get to the archer, kill him off (his arrows hurt like hell)

and then take out the rest of them. You will need to kill a bunch of these

guys, including four archers to end this. Grab the Holy Grail when all is said

and done and leave the room.

You might want to ignore the enemies that appear in your path, kill them or not

its up to you. Get back to the circular platform and hit it to start it moving

again. You will have to kill zombies as you go up and especially the zombies

who make it stop part of the way up. Kill enough of them and it will start to

move again. Make your way back to the save point (killing enemies as you go)

and then head back to the altar near the giant dead dino. Use the Holy Grail on

it to start your next boss fight.

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