Ninja Gaiden Sigma guide

Chapter 19: The Dark Dragon Blade

This is it - the very last fight. It's been a wild ride, but your mission is finally winding down. The Dark Dragon Sword is visible in the distance, calling out for you...

The first thing you'll see here is a dragon statue. Naturally, you'll want to save your game. Just be sure not to save over your previous Chapter 18 save file, in case you want to go back and try and take down the emperor using fewer items. Once you're in Chapter 19, you're stuck with whatever you've got in your inventory, so you'd better have enough to make it count!

And what about the finale? By this point you should have the ninja know-how to be able to both reach the last boss emerge from the battles victorious. We're not going to divulge the identity of the final challenger for those of you new to the Ninja Gaiden mythos, but let's just say that it ends like it began. Good luck, and be sure to enjoy all the new challenges that will unlock after the credits roll!