Ninety-Nine Nights screenshots

Here's a cluster of shots from Microsoft's Xbox 360 combat game Ninety-Nine Nights, which is sure to dazzle gamers with its outstanding visuals and epic battle action.

The game is similar to such titles as Kessen and Dynasty Warriors as you control one super-warrior scything through hordes of enemies with only token back up.

The big difference though is that, thanks to the power of 360, the graphics look incredible and co-developers Q Entertainment and Phantagram have managed to fill the screen with gratuitous amounts of characters. It's like abattle scene from "Braveheart."

There are a total of seven different playable characters, each with their own unique fighting style and storyline. But whomever you choose, the action will always be intense and spectacular. There's some serious death-dealing going on here- your charactercan soften the enemy with low-level attacksbefore unleashing an Orb Spark move that will wipe out every on-screen enemy. Which, as you can see, is a massive kill.