Ninety-Nine Nights next entry will be a free-to-play MMO

Q Entertainment has announced that it will be turning its massive hack and slash Ninety-Nine Nights franchise into a free-to-play MMO for the PC.

Representing the third entry in the Ninety Nine Nights series, the MMO will be produced in association with the Taiwanese firm, UserJoy Technology, with the game's primary artistic duties falling to Tatsuhiko Kanaoka (aka Falcoon in gaming circles), whose resume includes work on SNK Playmore's King of Fighter series.

The first Ninety-Nine Nights was released for the Xbox 360 in 2006, where it found moderate success among fans of the crowd fighting genre made famous by the Kessen and Dynasty Warriors series. Its follow-up in 2010 expanded the concept further by allowing players to take the fight online with friends and record their army-killing prowess via online leaderboards. Although Q Entertainment is holding off on revealing the full details for its online entry, the studio has said that it will be looking to maintain Ninety-Nine Night's fast and chaotic feel from these previous games, while further emphasizing team gameplay through its PvP, job customization, and party play components.

An official site for Ninety-Nine Nights Online will be launching shortly, along with more information on Q Entertainment's plans for the inevitable microtransactions that will make its free-to-play format profitable. Meanwhile, for a sneak peak at the game's gameplay, try to imagine a hundred high-pitched 12-year olds shouting horrible jokes about your mom at once. Then imagine hacking them to bits. You know what? This could work...

Jan 19, 2011


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