Nier Automata anime Ver.1.1a debuts in January 2023

Nier Automata anime teaser trailer
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Nier Automata anime Ver.1.1a will debut in January 2023.

That's according to a new tweet from game director Yoko Taro, who also shared a new trailer – thankfully with English subtitles – and confirmed that the anime's main storyline will differ slightly from the one we know from the game. 

Despite Aniplex's hopes to stay true to the narrative we know and love in the game, Taro explained that “Nier: Automata was a story we created to be a game, so copying it as-is wouldn’t make an interesting story for an anime". 

Consequently, you may find differences in the adaptation, but should you find any discrepancies between the two that don't make sense, Taro says, those are down to him: "I’m the one going around and breaking things for them, so if anyone is dissatisfied, it’s likely to be my fault".

But enough talk; here's the teaser in all its glory. It's over eight minutes long, too, giving us a good long look at how the anime is shaping up:

"When I actually heard about making an anime version, I thought, ‘What? This late?'" Taro joked (thanks, PCGN).

We found out that PlatinumGames' RPG Nier Automata is getting an anime adaptation earlier this year when a new teaser trailer dropped as part of the Nier Automata 5th Anniversary livestream event. It follows similar expansions of the Neir universe which have seen it developed into novels and even stage performances, too.

The anime features Nier Automata protagonists 2B and 9S and it will be produced by anime production and distribution company Aniplex, who also worked on videogame adaptations for Ace Attorney and Persona 5. 

Don't forget that Nier Automata is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch on October 6, too. It'll come with all additional content and cosmetics when it arrives, and there will also be a few Switch-exclusive cosmetics available at launch. 

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