Nicole Kidman goes down the Rabbit Hole

The history of stage works being shoved up on the silver screen has a mixed history. Some are great (Chicago, Glengarry Glen Ross) and some not so much (Proof), but that hasn’t stopped Nicole Kidman getting involved in taking David Lindsay-Abaire’s play Rabbit Hole from the theatre to the fleapit.

She’s nabbing the lead role – an easy task when you also produce the new film – in the story of a married couple whose lives take a turn for the worst when there’s an unexpected tragedy. But following the pain and suffering, they end up on a redemptive journey to reclaim their lives. As you do.

There’s no other cast or a director announced, but Lindsay-Abaire has agreed to pen the screenplay. Meanwhile, Kidman fans needing a fix of her starring in The Golden Compass can head here for a gallery of pics from the new His Dark Materials movie. Oh, and the latest word on the franchise is that New Line are clearly confident they’ve got a winner on their hands – The Wings Of The Dove scribe Hossein Amin has just been hired to adapt the second book in the trilogy, The Subtle Knife…