Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds & Emma Stone talk The Croods

It's obvious to anyone who's seen The Croods that Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds had a great time making it.

But little did we know that when we sat down with them, we'd get to hear about a whole lot more - including Cage's Shrek casting snaffu, and Stone and Reynolds' fondness for apples and.... champagne enemas?!

The latest movie from DreamWorks' animation stable follows the escapades of prehistoric family The Croods, as they venture out of their cavebound existence into a dazzling, monster-filled world.

Something that doesn't sit as well with the family's overprotective father figure Grug (Cage), as well as it does with his feisty, adventurous daughter Eep (Stone), and the handsome mysterious stranger Guy (Reynolds) who they meet along the way.

We sat down with the headlining trio, as well as with the movie's directorial double act, Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, to chat about all the above, and much much more.

Watch the interviews below and let us know what you think in the comments below...

The Croods is released in the UK on 22 March 2013.