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Nic Cage Waxes Lyrical About Ghost Rider 2

He reckons it will “mess with your mind”

In an interview with I09 , Nicolas Cage, star Of Ghost Rider and its sequel Spirit Of Vengeance , has been talking enthusiastically about the new movie and its directors, the Crank duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor:

“It is a completely different film. The first one, which I won’t denigrate — I liked the first one, but it was almost like a fairy tale, almost like a Disney fairy tale interpretation of Faust . This one is completely re-conceived, it’s not even connected to the first one, it’s a different origin sequence. But I think it will be a brand new experience. It has more adrenaline involved in the film making process itself, and in the movie when you see it.

“And also I'm very excited about what we’re getting up to with Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. They are very original in terms of their film making. Mark is doing things I’ve never seen a director do before — filming on roller blades, hanging on wires — it's like a stunt man, camera operator and director all in one. Brian Taylor is really so knowledgeable about film. In the same conversation, in the same sentence even, I can talk about Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom and then go into Ishirô Honda’s The War of the Gargantuas . He’s the reason why I’m playing the Ghost Rider* as well. He really was an advocate of that, and inspired me to take that on. As a result of that we’re getting into some really abstract stuff that I think will mess with people's minds. I'm really looking forward to it.”

* In case you’re confused what he means by that is that he‘s playing Johnny Blaze’s skull headed alter ego as well this time, as opposed to the first film in which stunt performers played the demonic side of the character.