Next Halo Infinite technical preview will have 4v4 and Big Team Battle, 343 confirms

Halo Infinite
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

The modes for the next Halo Infinite technical preview have been confirmed, and you'll have your choice of PvP action or even more bot battles.

343 Industries came back from its first technical preview earlier this month with a nearly half-hour-long Development Update video (opens in new tab). Before revealing that Halo Infinite campaign co-op and the Forge map builder won't be available at launch, the studio outright confirmed that the bigger follow-up preview it had previously hoped to hold is definitely happening.

The next technical preview event will bring in even more participants from the pool of registered Halo Insiders, and its list of modes will include traditional 4v4 multiplayer and Big Team Battle, as well as both of the bot modes playable in the last test (Bot Arena and Academy Weapon Drills).

343 isn't saying when it plans to hold the next test flight yet, but it did confirm that more will keep coming even after launch: "Halo Infinite is a game that's gonna go on, and when we have new features that we want to test, we're going to do it in the same fashion," live operations producer Sam Hanshaw explains in the video. "So we're setting up this program to be lasting through beyond launch."

While we're waiting to find out more about the next test, dataminers have been busy with the files from the last one - including the discovery of a potential Halo Infinite photo mode. Get ready to fill up your storage with hundreds upon thousands of Spartan selfies.

Speaking of leaks, we may have gotten an early look at a new Halo Infinite map which wasn't featured in the test.

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