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Next Alan Wake will be a "standalone experience released on Xbox LIVE," first screenshot Monday

We already knew that Alan Wake would be making a showing at the Spike TV VGA awards, but beyond that there wasn't a drop of information. Would it be more DLC? A sequel? A prequel? While we're still mostly in the dark, Major Nelson has provided a bit of illumination: the game will be entirely new, and it will be released on Xbox Live.

In the tweet, Nelson confirmed that the game will be a standalone product, though he doesn't use the word sequel at all. "We can confirm that this new 'Alan Wake' game will be a fully standalone experience," he said, "and released on Xbox LIVE." Remedy's community manager also chimed in, promising a screenshot on Monday.

If we were in the business of speculating blindly based on under 140 characters of information (which, to be honest, is sort of our thing), we'd expect this to be a Kinect-driven Alan Wake experience that will potentially bridge the gap between the first game and the unreleased/unannounced second game. Of all of Microsoft's big franchises, Alan Wake might take to their motion-sensing camera the best. It usually doesn't require too many buttons, and most of the game involves pointing at enemies with a flashlight.

With an official unveiling coming in just over a month at the VGAs it won't be long until we know much more, so stay tuned.