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New Watchmen posters arrive

Despite the PR campaign describing the most recent Watchmen poster as the final image, two more have cropped up online.

One, a poster for the IMAX release of the movie, was featured by MTV . See it in our gallery over on the right.

But we’re much more enamoured of the (probably fan-made) “No more masks” image that was sent to Trailer Addict .

The IMAX poster is a pretty generic Photoshop jobby of the main cast in front of New York. But the “masks” one looks a lot cooler.

We’re now going to take any announcements about the “final” Watchmen poster with a jug of salt until the film is out. And even then, we’re not sure we’ll be convinced.

Which do you prefer? And which of the many Watchmen posters do you want on your wall?