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New Warhawk expansion in April

Sony Computer Entertainment of Europehas dated the next Warhawk expansion pack, Operation: Broken Mirror, which will be available on PSN in the UKnext month for £3.99. No word yet on a US date or price.

The pack introduces a new APC vehicle and the seven new arenas of the Vaporfield Glacier, which yes, has got lots of snow in it.

"The Glacier is a new Eucadian stronghold where snowy conditions blanket an intricate network of freeways and towns, the hub of which is the war torn Radial Village," says the official blurb.

"Desperate for an advantage, the Eucadian army has established a research base in the southern polar wastes, far away from the active battle fronts. However, there is a mole in the camp and secret intelligence has been leaked to the Chernovan command instigating a lethal invasion force."

Players battle for control of the stronghold across the eight areas, which are designed for anything from four to 32 players.

The new APC, which can hold up to six passengers, also sounds wicked; it acts as a forward spawn point and can also deploy a gigantic, blue bubble shield which destroys Warhawks on contact.

For you cheapskates, there's also a freebie patch coming early next month, which adds two new weapons to the game: the wrench, which can be used to fix vehicles, and the Bio Field Generator, which can be deployed to automatically heal nearby allies.

It's all looking good then. Keep 'em coming, Sony.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 25, 2008