New trailer suggests The Old Republic may have Stars-based War in it

If there are two things Star Wars fans love, it's backstory and laser battles. This story should make their day then, on discovering this new “Signs of War” clip for BioWare's megabudget MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. This thing is just wall-to-wall buildup for the title's deep storyline – and if someone's not laying narrative groundwork, you best believe they're shooting someone else with a frikkin' laser. Hell, sometimes they're doing both.

Fans don't have long to wait now for The Old Republic, which will launch December 20 with the full intention of conquering the holiday MMO market. You, of course, won't even have to wait that long, because you're a switched-on sort with your finger on the pulse and you've already registered for a key to the beta. Or, if you're reserving judgment until the servers start filling, check out our most recent preview to see how the game's shaping up.