New trailer for Jack The Giant Slayer: watch now

Jack The Giant Slayer has released a brand new trailer in which Nicholas Hoult's titular hero finds himself at the heart of a terrible war between humans and giants.

Thing is, it's pretty much his fault that all this is happening in the first place, having inadvertently opened a portal into the dimension occupied by the aforementioned giants.

Once upon a time, the giants lived on Earth until they were banished into the netherworld by the armies of men. Understandably, they're rather keen to win it back...

Take a look, below:

In comparison with previous trailers, this new effort seems keen to sell the film as an all-out action adventure, rather than the fantasy romance it had previously been billed as. Whether or not it's an accurate presentation, or simply evidence of a marketing department covering all bases, remains to be seen.

Directed by Bryan Singer and co-starring Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci and Ian McShane, Jack The Giant Slayer opens in the US on 1 March 2013, before opening in the UK on 22 March 2013.