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New Texas Chainsaw goodies online

Stay away from deserted highways this autumn, Leatherface and his flesh-feeding family are back on the hunt – in Jonathan Liesbesman’s prequel, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning – and we’ve got links to the trailer and official site.

After New Line scored a hit in 2003 with Marcus Nispel’s remake of the original 1973 flick, it was only a matter of finding a new group of kids to plonk in Texas with a slightly new twist on the theme.

Step forward, Longest Yard scribbler Sheldon Turner.

The tale follows two buddies set to head off for a tour in Vietnam (Taylor Handley and Matthew Bomer) who fancy one last blast with their ladies (Jordana Brewster and Diora Baird) so they take a road trip through Texas.

After spilling the car off the road, the foursome wind up as captives of a slightly unbalanced family who are busy nurturing a vicious, leather-bonced killer.

Three years ago, the remake raked in just over $96 million worldwide, so New Line will have high hopes that the public are eager to see the origins of a slice ‘n’ dice legend.

Click here to take a peak at the official site - which contains a link to the trailer (but it's only available for viewing between midnight and 4am!?!)

Leatherface and his chainsaw will be buzzing into cinemas in October 2006.

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