New teaser for Monsters University: watch now

Monsters University , the long-awaited prequel to Monsters, Inc. has struck upon a novel way of drawing attention to its new teaser trailer, by releasing four ever-so-slightly different versions of the same material.

The new teaser shows Sully and Mike in their college days, with Sully playing an after-dark prank on his snoozing pal. The variation comes in the shape of the various lines muttered by Mike in his sleep, all apparently improvised by Billy Crystal.

Billy Crystal's an amazing comedic actor," says director Dan Scanlon. "He gave us so much fun material, we decided to cut four slightly different versions of the trailer. We are so happy to have him back as Mike."

Take a look at the new teaser, below, and then check out the variants at Yahoo , iTunes and The Huffington Post


Fans are encouraged to head to the film's official Facebook page to vote for their favourite of Billy's lines. For our money, the "naked in class" one rings the most true. Who hasn't had that dream?

Monsters University will open in the UK on 19 July 2013, giving you plenty of time to dust off that old Monsters, Inc. DVD and re-familiarise yourself with two of Pixar's most loveable creations...

George Wales

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