New StarCraft II details

Oct 1, 2007

Blizzard's popped the lid on the Battlecruiser, a "massive, heavily armoured combat ship" that features in its RTS follow-up StarCraft II. You can clap eyes on the unit in screenshots right here onthis page.

Armed with laser batteries, Yamato cannon and plasma torpedoes, the Battlecruiser's a "virtual flying fortress, built to keep the peace and dominate the space lanes of the Koprulu sector" and Blizzard adds that "these imposing vessels are among the most powerful to be found in terran space."

The developer's gone on to flesh out the unit's background and, in addition to releasing the screenshots we're showing here there's a couple of Battlecruiser movies to be seen on theofficial StarCraft II website.

Courtesy of CVG.