New Saints Row will have a season pass with 3 DLC expansions

Saints Row
(Image credit: Volition)

The new Saints Row will get a trio of DLC expansions after it comes out, giving players new things to do (and probably new people to kill) in Santo Ileso.

The Epic Games Store page (opens in new tab) for Saints Row Gold Edition, which bundles in the DLC expansion pass along with other bonus content, specifies that the pass includes "three future game expansions coming post release." Each of these expansions will add "new missions and gameplay" with their own unique content, apparently all set within the same southwest US open world of Santo Ileso.

Outside of mentioning it in store pages, developer Volition hasn't made any public announcements about its plans for Saints Row DLC - which is not unusual, since it only unveiled the game last week. It's also not a surprise, since every numbered entry in the Saints Row franchise before this one has had a decent amount of DLC. Here's hoping that Volition brings back the seasonal fun with a spiritual successor to Saints Row 4: How the Saints Save Christmas.

In the meantime, Volition has given us a look at Saints Row gameplay in a behind-the-scenes video, which also - crucially - includes our first teaser of character customization. You want your version of the Boss to have shiny metal skin? You go right ahead. You also still have time to claim a free copy of Saints Row The Third Remastered on the Epic Games Store if you want to brush up on your Saints history.

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