New rumor surfaces of a 3DS Lite redesign coming this year

Based on Nintendo’s history for redesigning its handheld systems, everyone knows it’s only a matter of time before the system is redesigned in some fashion. Nintendo hasn’t revealed any plans yet, but rumors continue to surface. Rumors like the one in Japanese publication Nikkei Trendy, a stylish mag that predicts a 3DS Lite will go on sale this year, and sooner than you’d think.

The magazine, a well-established periodical that focuses on trends in technology and entertainment, is known for speculation, and this most recent one seems logical. Trendy predicts that the redesign will be lighter and improve the not-so-perfect battery life of the current model, and that the new iteration will be announced as soon as this spring. To us that seems pretty early for an announcement, and it could just be what Trendy hopes will happen as opposed what they believe will happen.

How likely does this sound to you? Were we gamblers (gambling is bad), we’d bet that it's likely there will be a some new version of the 3DS by November of this year. However, the spring before E3 just seems too soon for Nintendo to make such a big move, even if the timing is similar to the time between the launch of the DS and the DS Lite.

Source: Jin115

Henry Gilbert

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