New Red Faction announced

Thursday 2 August 2007
Remember Red Faction? Well, according to a THQ bigwig, there's a new instalment of the 'hey look you can destroy walls and stuff' shooter, most likey to be released early next year on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. And, we can exclusively guess from the top of our heads, it'll be called Red Faction 3.

The original was famous - infamous? - for its ambitious, but ultimately flawed aim of bringing deformable environments to FPS gaming. You could, admittedly, blow impressively craggy holes in walls with your weapons. Provided, that was, that you were shooting at a special 'can be deformed' type of wall.

Above: Red Faction's big pull was deformable environments - so what unique selling point will the next-gen threequel focus on?

In this world of physics cards, next-gen visuals and fresh coding trickery, Red Faction ought finally to become the game it always wanted to be. But deformable terrain won't be enough to stand out from an FPS increasingly attempting the same things. So what unique thing could this Red Faction be built around?

We tried contacting publisher THQ to ask them that very question, but its spokespeoples were unavailable for comment. But why not hit our forum and post your ideas... they might even get spotted by the as-yet-unrevealed developer.

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