New Ratchet and Clank confirmed by tiny robot's voiceover man

Good news for fans of weird-ass space marsupials and well-spoken robot sidekicks. David Kaye, the man who provides his talented tones to both Clank and Resistance’s Nathan Hale has revealed in an interview withShogun Gamerthat he’s working on new Ratchet and Clank content.

Above: David Kaye, seemingly playing with... eh, insanely small, knitted hands

When asked about what the future held for him in voiceover land, the former voice of Megatron in the 90s Transformers cartoon,confirmed he didn't know what was happening with Resistance 3, but admitted: We're working on more R&C currently." Whether this is a fully fledged sequel to a Crack in Time or DLC similar to Quest for Booty is anyone's guess, but wesuspect official details from developer Insomniac will be forthcoming pretty soon.

So are you excited about the prospect of another Ratchet and Clank? Personally, opinion was pretty torn here in the office over the last game. Some of us loved the more open exploration elements, while others preferred Tools of Destruction's more linear structure. Would you like to see the series continue down this more open path or would you prefer if it went back to its more streamlined roots?

Above: The open world flying sections caused some controversy in the Radar office

We were also conflicted on the old hoverboots, which the team found almost equal parts fun and fiddly.Also, were you a fan of Clank's Braid-esque puzzles? Either way, share your piping hot opinions in the comments below.

Above: Personally, we'd ditch the boots for a Marty McFly-style, Mattel-endorsedhoverboard

Aug 9, 2010

David Meikleham
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