New Puss In Boots motion poster

Courtesy of Fandango , here is a brand new motion poster for the upcoming Puss In Boots movie.

Directed by Chris Miller and seeing Antonio Banderas return to voice the Zorro -esque fairytale kitty, Puss explains what the character did before he met Shrek and co in the first place, as he tries to steal a goose that lays golden eggs.

Salma Hayek also stars as feline companion Kitty Softpaws, while Zach Galifianakis lends his vocal talents to Humpty Dumpty.

The poster shows the charismatic hero momentarily forgetting he’s supposed to be a sword slinging vigilante and not a playful house-cat. Silly Puss.

See the full image below:

Puss In Boots opens in the UK on 9 December 2011.