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New PS5 update "improves system performance"

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

A new PS5 update has just been rolled out by Sony. Version 20.02-02.25.00 shipped earlier today, but hopefully you won't even notice its impact.

The 866MB patch shouldn't be too big a hurdle for your download speeds to deal with, so it won't keep you from your games for too long. In terms of what the update includes, there's not much on offer from Sony - the only line in the patch notes claims that "this system software update improves system performance."

At a different time in a console's lifecycle, that might not be worth flagging, but not only is this one of the PS5's first system updates, it could help with some of the technical issues that owners have uncovered in the days since the console's original release. While most players are enjoying their consoles just fine, the problems started early as a PS5 review unit died on its owner.

Since then, players have struggled with the PS5 'Queued for Download' bug which prevents them from accessing affected games and apps, and cases of the console freezing in Rest Mode. Elsewhere, there have been concerns around the PS5 overheating, but it's also possible that that'll be addressed too - Sony previously stated that the console's fans could be optimised via online updates, although it seems like this update could be coming a little early for that.

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