New PS5 software update 7.0 out now with Discord features

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

A new PS5 software update is live, introducing Discord integration and wireless DualSense updates.

The new software update, 7.0, is live right now for PS5 users around the world. The size of the new software update clocks in at right around 1.1GB for all users, meaning there shouldn't be a massive wait from downloading to installing the new update.

Perhaps the headline feature of the 7.0 update is Discord integration. Back in February, a new PS5 software beta introduced Discord voice chat for the first time, but now it's officially rolled out so all users can set up Discord on PS5, regardless of whether or not you entered into the beta program.

Elsewhere, you can now update your DualSense controllers wirelessly. Having to plug in your PS5's controller for it to actually update was a bit of a pain for some players, and you can now sit kick back while your DualSense controller updates from your couch.

There's also support for variable refresh rate TVs with 1440p capabilities. If you want an added frame rate edge for any PS5 games on a TV that supports the feature, then this is big news for you. This is typically a feature that the Xbox Series X/S has always had since launch, but PS5 has lagged behind in.

For a full list of all the changes, head over to this PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab) post, which has now been updated to reveal the former beta update is out now for all.

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Hirun Cryer

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